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The Golden Horn Route is a tour to experience Istanbul as an historic melting pot through monumental Christian Temples, colorful buildings that today have become stores of antiques, vintage objects, and petite coffee shops. This is an area important for the history of the conquest of Istanbul, an area that also became a place for artists like Pierre Loti to envision his life and art. We meet at Galata Tower Square at the entrance of Gündoğdu Cafe. We take the metro to The Golden Horn Station and connect to the tramway to go to Balat where we visit The Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople, we walk around the neighborhoods to see the architecture of streets, houses, antique shops, vintage shops, coffee shops. We go to The Stephen’s Bulgarian Orthodox Church, known as The Iron Church, because it is famous for being made of prefabricated cast iron elements in the Neo-Bizantine style. Then we take the tramway to take the funicular to Pierre Loti Hill, where we can have a magnificent view of the city from the Golden Horn while we enjoy tea and pastry. We go back by metro to Galata Tower where we started the tour. This is a tour to slow down the speed of the city, surrounded by green areas and the architecture also invites us to slow down from hectic cosmopolitan Istanbul. It is a tour to walk and discover novel places. This area is in constant change regarding stores, shops, and coffee shops. This tour is in the open air, so I suggest doing it on a day that is not snowing or raining.

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